Why You Should Join the Spindrifters

 The Spindrifters Inc brightens the lives of area residents by providing a variety of entertaining and informative programs throughout the year.  More importantly, you’ll make friends by participating in Spindrifter activities. You’ll find camaraderie among your fellow members that will last for years. The warmth of such relationships is seldom found elsewhere.

Spending time with people you like creates a common bond, something that simply makes you feel good.

Join us -- you’ll be glad you did!

Q. Who is eligible to join?

A.  Memberships are available to persons over the age of fifty(50).

What's the Best About Our Group?

The Spindrifters are a group of people who share common interests. A place to revitalize and enjoy a number of activities and build lasting friendships.

Sample of Activities:

Card playing
Nordic walking
Guest speakers
Trip excursions