SPIC MACAY-Hyderabad Chapter

(Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth)

 Last Date:- 15th January '09.

 SPIC MACAY-National Convention (24th-29th May '09)



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When we first heard of SPIC-MACAY certain questions automatically came to our minds. There is no reason why you should not ask the same questions.

And may be some more. So, here it goes.



  • What is SPIC-MACAY ?

  • SPIC-MACAY ,the acronym for the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth, is a voluntary movement run totally by students and young people. The primary aim of this movement is to expose today’s young students to the beauty and grace surround the Indian Artforms. Started in 1977, this movement has now spread across the length and breadth of the country and the world with more than 850 chapters in various cities, towns and villages. All programmes of SPIC-MACAY are held only in educational institutions and are free and open to all.


  • What are the various activities of SPIC-MACAY ?
  • The major thrust is on lecture-demonstrations in the various Indian Music, Dance and Theatre forms. The other activities are Baithaks, Talks, Workshops and Yoga.
  • Gurukul Scholarship is yet another major activity of SPIC-MACAY, in which enthusiastic students are chosen all over the country to spend a month of their summer vacation at a Gurukul anywhere in this country. The objective here is to expose the student to the patronage of all of the country’s major artistes.


  • All this sounds so pseudo…..You know Khadi Kurtas and all the involved talk about Ragas.

  • You would be surprised ! SPIC-MACAY is a highly informal setup without any hierarchies. Most of us cannot differentiate one Raga from the other. Our attire too is quite normal. What brings us together is the common urge to explore, to discover and to enjoy the heritage.


  • All this is very good but I cannot enjoy Indian Music. I’m much happier with Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, or even the Indian pop stuff.
  • We too like them. Appreciation of Indian Classical Music or other art forms need not occur at the cost of your interests. Anything of depth, which Indian Classical music certainly is, given that it is a distillate of all the experiences and experiments done over centuries requires a little patience. All we are saying is that gives Indian Classical Music and other arts a patient try for a period of a year. And then decide.


  • But how can I work for SPIC-MACAY ? I know nothing about Indian Artforms.
  • Neither did most of us, when we started working for SPIC-MACAY. Knowledge of Indian Classical Music or art is not a prerequisite for working with SPIC-MACAY. It is definitely the end result.
  • SPIC-MACAY is a movement by, for and of the students. It has so far thrived due to the drive and dedication of generation of students.


  • Hyderabad SPIC-MACAY

  • Hyderabad chapter comprises of students, faculties from various colleges, management institutes, medical and engineering colleges and schools, some young working people and housewives. And its activities ranges from folk music to sanskritik theatre covering students from prep school to post graduate. It exposes people to some rare music from across the world, not necessarily Indian Classical Music.


  • How do I become a member ?
  • Quite simply, by working with us.If you are even slightly convinced about the purpose behind the SPIC-MACAY, do  not hesitate to get in touch us.