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For all those who believe that "The Generation-X" is not concerned about preserving the heritage of India and is engaged in blindly aping the west, the students of  UNIVERSITY OF HYDERABAD have a fitting reply in the form of SPICMACAY-UoH Sub-Chapter. In the hallowed precincts of UoH, where tradition and modernism are equally revered, the fans of Bon Jovi and Ustad Bismillah Khan share a peaceful relationship and easy camaraderie.


Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (or SPICMACAY as it is better known nationwide) University of Hyderabad Sub-Chapter, as elsewhere, is managed by a group of student enthusiasts who are engaged in a constant endeavor to create further awareness and appreciation of our culture. With the doyens of classical music and dance lending their support to the movement, the Chapter organizes  a number  of  programs.

Quite naturally, the organized programs are amazingly popular and well attended by both the students and faculty. The Hyderabad chapter, which is purely funded by voluntary donations and in spite of a fund crunch, is usually praised for the dedication of its members.


SPICMACAY, is an affirmation of a priceless cultural heritage rooted in what is essentially Indian. With the onslaught of rapid change and global homogenization, this multifaceted Indian heritage is being increasingly marginalized and diluted.


SPICMACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with its attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values the pulsing and dynamic vitality of the young person.


The movement incorporates this vitality to cajole him or her into being custodians of what is actually their birthright, namely their heritage, roots and identity. It seeks to provoke thought and a genuine spirit of enquiry in the young a solid value based education, which involves the absorption of aesthetics and spirituality in an increasingly technical, mundane and competitive world. Thus it's work is educational in spirit and character and locates itself in educational institutions only.






The SPICMACAY logo is the vertical eye: the inner eye, the eye of perception and enquiry, ever alert in the pursuit of truth 



Origin:- SPICMACAY was formed keeping in mind the fact that it should be a 'movement' and not an "institution". It began with a poorly attended concert organized by four students at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India in 1977. The spirit behind the movement is Dr. Kiran Seth,, who is currently teaching at IIT Delhi. SPICMACAY began a gradual growth directly proportionate to growing response and interest, all over the country. It was founded in 1977as a non-profit, voluntary, non-political and student participatory movement. It has a central executive body in New Delhi and organizes its programmes through a worldwide network of schools, colleges and educational institutions. At present SPICMACAY is present in 850 academic institutions and holds a staggering 1500 events every year. On an average 300-400 school and college students and young professionals attend each concert and the SPICMACAY family is ever growing.



The Essence:- SPICMACAY is a voluntary, non-profit movement, by, of and for the youth. It is run on the goodwill and self­less service of young men and women throughout the country. We hope that the quality of every person's life becomes better by getting involved with the movement or by simply attending a program.


Working:- SPICMACAY has a central core-group based in Delhi. Chapters have been established not only in the larger cities, but also in many small towns. They function in liaison with the central group and have their office bearers who run them according to the constitution of the society. Schools and colleges have in turn formed sub-chapters which interact with the local chapter of the particular city/town. Students participate actively, by organizing the concerts, arranging local publicity and taking care of the artists. SPIC MACAY is essentially a students’ movement that has been quietly transforming the lives of thousands of young Indians over the last two decades. Apart from being able to understand the finer aspects of the art forms, students benefit immensely from the direct interaction with the artists. SPICMACAY does not charge admission or fees to any of its events.


The various events organized by SPICMACAY throughout the year include:


Baithaks: They are informal chamber performances to recreate the traditional upasak-rasik relationship.


Lecture demonstrations: (LEC-DEMS) in classical music and dance. They are informal and interactive, providing a forum for the artist to perform as well as lecture about the various technical aspects of their art form as well as share the finer intricacies of the process of learning and creating with young students


Virasat (or Concert series): They are more formal presentations of classical music and dance. A unique feature of the Fests is the showcasing of young talent along with the senior artistes. This is a festival of performances and workshops in folk and classical arts, literature, crafts, theatre and cinema, held in different educational institutions


National Convention: Apart form state conventions held in each state twice a year, a National Convention is held every year in June, bringing together all members of SPIC MACAY at a common forum. It comprises of organizational discussions, talks, films, crafts, Yoga, classical and folk performances by maestros.


Numerous workshops and performances are routinely organized by leading personalities on subjects as varied as environment, philosophy, the arts, development and spirituality .



Membership:- Formal membership is not a must but is introduced by some Chapters only to further a sense of responsibility and belonging. More than ninety percent pf its members are students, who when passing out leave behind the message of SPICMACAY to their successors.


Artists:- The efforts of SPICMACAY as a continuing movement would never have been possible without the immense support of the great artistes of our cultural tradition who have nurtured the movement and helped it grow. We have also had the valuable support of several young and upcoming artists who help us throughout the year.


SPICMACAY aspires to be much more than a youth body arranging free concerts, it is your movement and needs your support.