SPICMACAY - ASU Chapter is a non-profit, voluntary, and participatory student movement dedicated to educating the youth and the community about India’s rich and classical cultural heritage. The movement appeals to the youthful energy and enthusiasm of students, recognizing the value of the formative years in school and college. We are part of Arizona State University's SORC.

Fall 2016
We are extremely excited to bring two phenomenal carnatic instrumental concerts in Fall 2016.

The first event we organize shall be by  Sri Vidwan J.A.Jayanth and Party. 


Event Details:- 
DateOct 30th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time4:00 PM 
VenuePIMA Hall, Memorial Union, ASU

We next proudly present  two of the most seasoned and well sought after Violin and Viola masters in a carnatic VIOLIN and a VIOLA DUET 

      Sri Vidwan Vittal Ramamurthy                   Sri Vidwan V.V.S.Murari 

DateNov 13th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time4:00 PM 
VenuePIMA Hall, Memorial Union, ASU

Spring 2016
Composer's Day

In association with Fine Arts Association of Arizona-  a great community event organized in ASU where in a lot of local talent ranging from ages 5-65 showcased their musical skills for two days straight on February 20th and 21st . 

Grand Carnatic instrumental Concert

In association with Fine Arts Association of Arizona we organized a great carnatic instrumental concert with phenomenal violinist Smt:-Lalgudi Vijaylakshmi and highly sought after accompanists    on April 29th 2016.   A highly accclaimed and mellifluous concert

                                                                       ViolinLalgudi Vijaylakshmi       Kanjira:- K.V.GopalaKrishnnan    Mridangam- Patri Sathish Kumar        

Event Details:-

DateApril 29th, 2016 (Friday)
Time6:15 PM
VenueLSA 191, ASU

    Carnatic Vocal Concert- Pattabhirama Pandit & Party 

In association with Fine Arts Association of Arizona we organized a highly acclaimed carnatic vocal concert with one of the best troops of the present who is who of Carnatic Music.  This concert has garnered very good positive reviews from every one present. 

     Vocal-           Sri    Vidwan Pattabhiram Pandit
     Violin-          Sri . Vidwan  V.V.S. Murari
     Mridangam- Sri. Vidwan Trivandrum balaji
     Ghatam      - Sri  Vidwan Chandrasekhara Sharma

    Event details:-
DateMay 15th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time2:00 PM 
VenuePIMA Hall, Memorial Union, ASU

Fall 2015 Concert

 If you are interested in sponsoring a concert or a part of a concert, please email spicmacay.asu AT gmail.com. We will be glad to host it in the following season. 

We welcome students at ASU to be a part of SPICMACAY - ASU Chapter. You can join us by attending one of our meetings. For more information about the meeting, send an email to spicmacay.asu AT gmail.com