Local Optimization on All Three Major Search Engines 
Helping Offline Businesses Survive in an Online World

Making sure your business is as effective and visible as possible can be achieved with maximum efficiency when your listing is optimized on ALL THREE major search engines local listing portals

While it's true that Google is the largest search engine, it would be a mistake to totally ignore the other 2 major engines in the online world, those being Yahoo and MSN.

In fact, in terms of total traffic, Yahoo is still the king of the hill. Yes every month they remain the number one ranked website in terms of traffic (according to Alexa, a respected website ranking service).

So how do you insure that your business has as effective as possible presence on all three of the engines local listing services?

Make sure that they all have the pertinent information that is needed and can be provided.

When it comes to entering information on local listings, we are experts in knowing what to put, where to put it and how to put it so that your business gets the maximum exposure .

When you optimize all three listings, you get the same service as our stand alone Google listing optimization, only your local listings will be optimized on Yahoo Local and MSN Windows Live also!

Each listing includes:

  • Your complete business name, address and phone number. Making sure that this information is correct
  • Your E-Mail Address (with a direct link so prospects can email directly from your listing). Google does not supply this information unless they have it
  • Website Address and Link, again many times Google will not automatically put this in your listing
  • A description of your business, products and services containing pertinent keywords that will pull your listing up for a number of different search terms
  • Up to 10 photos of your products, facility, personel, etc. Most of the time you may have only one on your listing supplied by Google, and that is the outside of your location
  • Any specialties such as affiliations, services, products, etc
  • Customer review section with links to online review sites such as Angie's List
  • Your hours and days of operation
  • A printable coupon for "web only" specials
  • Affiliations and Memberships such as local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc
  • Map link with ability to get directions from any address in the US. We make sure your link is in the correct place.

Complete Cost: $179.95


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