Google LocalĀ OptimizationĀ 
Helping Offline Businesses Survive in an Online World

With Google's Local Business Listings, Your Products or Services are Highlighted at the Exact Time People are Looking for them!

Google is by far the world's largest search engine, so big in fact that the term "Googled" has become synomonous with "search on the Internet".

So why is that important to the average local small business owner?

The answer is simple: More and More people are dumping those clunky phone directories when they need products or services and turning to the Internetto find them. This provides an opportunity for both Google and businesses. Google did their part by providing local business results, complete with maps and directions, for a wide variety of search criterias.

Businesses however often are surprised to find out that Google's local listing can contain much more information than what is automatically supplied by Google.

That is where we come in, because we know the what, where and how to enter all the pertinent information on your listing to make it most effective when people pull it up.

Information such as:

  • Your complete business name, address and phone number. Making sure that this information is correct
  • Your E-Mail Address (with a direct link so prospects can email directly from your listing). Google does not supply this information unless they have it
  • Website Address and Link, again many times Google will not automatically put this in your listing
  • A description of your business, products and services containing pertinent keywords that will pull your listing up for a number of different search terms
  • Up to 10 photos of your products, facility, personel, etc. Most of the time you may have only one on your listing supplied by Google, and that is the outside of your location
  • Any specialties such as affiliations, services, products, etc
  • Customer review section with links to online review sites such as Angie's List
  • Your hours and days of operation
  • A printable coupon for "web only" specials
  • Affiliations and Memberships such as local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc
  • Map link with ability to get directions from any address in the US. We make sure your link is in the correct place.
  • We create a Free Google Account for you (if you don't already have one) which opens up a wide variety of services available to businesses , mostly free, that can help them with their on and off line efforts

With our Google Local Listing Optimization Service, we guarantee your listing will be fully functional and as effective as possible in providing the information your prospective customers need to make the decision to use you and your services/products.

Cost: $79.95


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