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Need a Website? We offer the most economical and effective solution for small businesses, Complete Optimization of all Local Listings and an Effective Website for Under $400

Ok, your prospective customers have found you, now what? Well if you are like most businesses, you feel the need to have a website that explains in more detail how you can solve your prospects problems or provide them the services/products they are looking for.

But you don't want to have to spend the typical thousands of dollars most web designers charge to design and upload a completed site. Not to mention the hundreds additional dollars spent yearly on hosting, updates, etc.

Where do you turn?

Well, again Google comes to the rescue. They now provide a complete web page builder (in fact this website is built using Google Page Builder). Here is the best part: They give you 100MB of space to host your site FREE. No Hosting fees. No re-design or additional fees.

Now if you could find the time, knew how to approach a web design, had some basic HTML knowledge and image/graphic editing software and experience; you could design the site yourself.

The problem  in sites designed by well meaning business owners without design knowledge or experience is that they just look BAD! And when your site lacks effective layout, design and strategy your business look BAD. And that is Not good, especially with all of your competitors sites that are well designed and laid out.

Here is a proven fact regarding websites and their design and lay-out:

 Having a poorly designed website is a detriment to your business!

You see you need to put up a site that is pleasing to both search engines and humans who search the web. And to do that you need to have a person who is knowledgeable in working with graphics, formatting pages, etc. Up to now that could cost thousands of dollars.

GM Simmons Co solves your problem by designing your Google Page Builder site for you, and making your site effective in pulling in new business and trumpeting your products and services.

We start by optimizing your local business listing on all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Then we build you a completed Google Page Builder website PLUS connect your website to your local listings. We have the design experience to put an effective and attractive site together, so your site won't look like it was built by a third grade computer class. 

Take A Look At Some Recently Completed Sites we've done for other businesses

Tillman's Meats                          Terry Parker class of "74 Reunion                         Crest Country Inn   

Low Country Spices                 Jacksonville Traffic Attorney                                  Janitorial Supply Solutions

Take a Look At Our Video Success Story, on how this service propelled Tillman's Meats from absolutely NO web presence to a #1 Local Business Listing Rank for a highly descriptive keyword for their business in 30 Days!

 And we can do ALL OF THIS  for less than some web companies charge for 1 year of hosting!

So in summary, you'll get:

  • Optimization of your local listing on Google, Yahoo and MSN-with links back to your website
  • Set up of a Free Google Account that includes e-mail, and a large resource library for businesses
  • A well designed website complete with graphics and photos that conveys your message to your prospects
  • Training to show you how easy it is to update your site, Google gives you 100 MB of storage so you can add hundreds of additional pages! Updating is as easy as using your favorite word processor program once you learn a few simple steps.
  • Hosting of site on Google's servers, NO HOSTING FEES!
  • Well thought out keyword strategy that puts your site high in natural rankings
  • Monthly Newsletter packed with tips to help you get the most out of the web for your business

Total Cost: $385.00


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