My Name is


I was born july 1989 and I live in the Lahore.
very close to the ocean (North Sea)
I am a Student of Msc.Economics. in Allama iqbal university.
I was an exchange student in USA, Mandan, North Dakota. 2003.
I spend much time searching the Internet for all kinds of information.
With a program called Freetell, you can talk online, person to person. "Try it. You’ll like it."
When I first got on the Internet, I posted a request for E-mail friends in a newsgroup. This has been very interesting. I am now writing about 10 friends all over the world. Some of them, I talk to, trough "Freetell".
I would like more friends from the Eastern World, Australia, Russia and South America.
In some of my free time, after work, I have a part-time job as a projectionist in our local theater, once a week. In mid 70th I had a full-time job as a projectionist in Copenhagen.
I am also a fan of Clint Eastwood
.Here are some interesting links where you

What I like

I am especially interested in translating classical East Asian works for the modern-Western audience. I have published two translations in book form: (1) the seminal Chan Buddhist scripture, the Sūtra of Perfect Enlightenment, which includes a superb commentary by the 15th century Korean monk Gihwa, and (2) a translation of the Daode jing (pub. by Barnes and Noble). I have done a number of other translations that are in digital format (available through this web site) and I have a few others in progress that will eventually appear in book form.


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 am thinking about you
You're always in my heart by day and
at night you drift into my dreams

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