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Sweet Rawa Idli


Rava/semolina coarse:
½ cup
Sugar: 2 tablespoon or more if u wish
Mango riped: 1/4 cup cut into bite size pieces
Elaichi: 3 to 4 pods
Coconut:2 tbsp grated
Cashew nuts: 4 (opt)
Raisins: 6 (optional)
Water: to make the batter required amount
Ghee: 1 or 2 tsp

Ustensil : Idli Plate/mold or microwave idli plate

Microwave use:
The whole process can be done in microwave with the idli steamer! Cooking time in microwave should be 3 to 4 min….

Normal stove top with idli plate: cooking time should be 10 min or more
Need idli plates and cooker

Method to prepare the mix.

Add a teaspoon of ghee add the cashew and raisin and microvawe for a min, it took less than a min as the quantity was less…
Now mix all the ingredients together and pour water to make a thick consistency. U can see the water and rava won’t mix together, don’t worry. Let it rest another 5 min, now it should be thick enough..
Grease the idli plate with little ghee and pour like idli and cook in microwave (3 min) or stovetop (10 min).
Let it cool another 1 min and scoop the idlis from the mold. It should be enjoyed right away!

Note: Make the batter like ur normal idli batter consistency, the sugar in rava idli will melt while steaming the idlis…
Please free to modify the sweet level too

Can be enjoyed like sweet breakfast or teatime snack/tiffin!