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Sakkaravalli Kizhangu poli/japanese sweet potato bread



Japanese Sweet potato/Sakkaravali Kizhangu: one medium size- steamed, peeled and mashed

Coconut: 2 tsp grated

Sugar: 1 tsp to 2 tsp (adjust according the sweetness of tuber)

Green Cardamom: 1 - peeled and crushed.


Mix all together and make a small balls (key lime size)



For the chapati dough  refer my link and omit (potato) or can do like poli outer



Whole wheat flour: 1 cup

water: as needed to make a soft dough.

Salt: a pinch.




In a bowl, mix the flour, salt and make a soft dough using water. Let it rest at least 30 minutes.

Now take a lemon size dough, little bigger than sweet potato balls.

Roll it (pretty much 8 inch diameter)- keep the sweet potato balls in center and cover it. pinch the seam and seam side down. Roll it without giving much pressure, too much pressure make the dough squeeze out everywhere.

I should be thick don't think of rolling thin.

Heat a pan/griddle, cook on both side, smear some ghee and serve hot.


Another version:

Or if you have a trouble stuffing, mix the sweet potato, sugar, cardamom, coconut  in wheat flour and roll into chapati and cook in hot griddle with ghee. Is that simple?