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 Sphynx Hairless Cats & Devon Rex Curly Coat Kittens of Adoraelves Cattery
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Sphynx Kittens & Devon Rex Cat Breeder in Sunny South Florida West Palm Beach
State of the Art CFA, TICA, Small Registered Cattery

(Cattery of merit Award) (NO CAGES)
Grand Champion Lines-with focus on pedigreed Sphynx & Devon Rex Kittens that are healthy, loving, beautiful, rare colors, blue eyes and upholding the top standards of the Sphynx & Devon Rex breeds.
All Devon Rex & Sphynx Kittens:
*Kitten comes with a Veterinary's  Health Certificate
*Fixed before leaving to their new home
*Registration Papers
*FeLV negative
*Shot Records
*Fecal exam
*Gift Kit

Sphynx Breed

Is a rare and wonderful, affectionate, hairless Cat treasured by the cat lover throughout the world.  The distinguished naked, wrinkled image is immediately intriguing to people.  Their friendly and captivating personality coupled with their stature and appearance is both magical and magnetic.  The Sphynx breed is also "hypo-allergenic" many people who have Allergies can enjoy the sphynx.  The Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention.  They perform silly antics for your entertainment.  The Sphynx is sweet-tempered, lively, and amenable to handling.  They love human attention but can also enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. They are puppy like with an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you. This is a very robust and smart breed, they will curl up with a warm body or get under your bed covers to keep warm.

The Sphynx breed is of medium size and body conformation with surprising weight for its size. Females are generally smaller than males. Because of the lack of hair that would normally absorb body oils, the Sphynx needs periodic bathing and ear cleaning.  Or just wipe down with a damp cloth or baby wipes. This is not a difficult task with a cat that has been acclimated from kittenhood with bathing and grooming proper for the Sphynx.  

Devon Rex Kittens
Are the most loving, adorable, playful cats, unique in the cat fancier's world.  Their peerless appeal includes huge, beautiful eyes, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones, and huge, lowset ears create a characteristic elfin look. The Devon Rex is of medium fine frame and well covered with a beautiful  soft, wavy fur.  This Curly Coat is of a distinctive texture, as the mutation which causes this wavy coat is cultivated in no other breed. 
Many people who have Allergies can enjoy these wonderful kittens. The Devon Rex personality has been aptly described as a cross between a cat, a monkey.  A very smart and playful breed, you can even teach them to fetch.  The Devon Rex are very people-oriented and invite themselves along for every activity
The Devon rex is low maintenance, wash-and-wear companions. Their large ears occasionally require cleaning, but otherwise a quick shampoo and towel dry or even a wipedown with a damp cloth or baby wipes and a nail-trim is all the grooming  Devon Rex require.
Adoraelves Sphynx & Devon Rex Cattery
 is a non Cage Cattery where the kittens are raise under foot, the kittens are lovable, healthy and well socialized.  Adoraelves Cattery carefully Scrutinizes the Sphynx and Devon Rex Lines by owning and working with many Ancestor lines, as to ensure healthy kittens with great temperaments.  Adoraelves  take great pride of our breeding programs to produce top quality Kittens.  When you decide to own an Adoraelves Sphynx or Devon Rex kitten, you will get photos and up dates, also a discount if you would like two kittens.  To feel completely comfortable *Adoraelves Offers a Replacement Kitten Guarantee* Adoraelves will always stay in touch and be happy to answer any of your questions and also provide a kitten contract and Sphynx/Devon Rex  kitten coming home information.
Adoraelves is very proud of our Sphynx/ Devon Rex breeding programs to produce top quality standard of the Sphynx & Devon Rex breeds. Adoraelves also  works  with breeders and show kittens all over the world as well as Domestically such as, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Carolina etc. 
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The utmost care is taken in getting you the best kitten!
Adoraelves Cattery Donates Portion of sales to Animal Shelters!
Adoraelves pet owners are enjoying their Devon Rex & Sphynx kittens statewide!