AP Test Registration and Payment Window is closing on the 25th! 
Each test is $91 (Capstone Seminar test is $139). Students can sign up and pay for tests in the Business Office. 
If your family cannot afford the testing fee, information and application for reduced fees are available in the Student Office reducing the test fee to $12 per test (worksheet is listed below). If a student qualifies for a fee reduction, they MUST sign up and pay the $12/test fee in the Business Office.
Spokane Public Schools will not be providing transportation for the AP Exams. Transportation is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian or the student. A Parent/Guardian Elective Course or Program Student Transportation Agreement must be signed and on file with the AP Exam registration. STUDENTS CANNOT TRANSPORT OR BE TRANSPORTED WITHOUT THIS AGREEMENT ON FILE (see Transportation Agreement link below).
College Board's AP Credit Search for Colleges that Accept AP Scores
(enter your college name &the site will tell you what your AP score will do for you)
Test Schedule, Room Assignments, WSU Riverpoint Parking - coming soon

If you are taking an AM Test
You MUST arrive at your testing location by 7:30am.

If you are taking a PM Test
You MUST arrive at your testing location by 11:30am.
College Board Official AP Testing Schedule
Date Arrive NO LATER THAN 7:30am Arrive NO LATER THAN 11:30am
Monday, Chemistry Psychology (this test may start slightly later due to students taking Chem or APES test)
4-May Environmental Science 
Tuesday, Calculus AB Chinese Language & Culture
5-May Calculus BC  Seminar Capstone
Wednesday, English Lit & Composition (12th) Japanese Language & Culture
6-May Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Thursday, Computer Science Art History
7-May Spanish Language & Culture  Physics 2: Algebra-Based
Friday, German Language & Culture European History
8-May United States History 
Monday, Biology  Physics C: Mechanics 11:30am
11-May Music Theory  Physics C: Electricity & Mag. 2:00pm
Tuesday, United States Government & Politics  French Language & Culture
12-May Spanish Literature & Culture 
Wednesday, English Lang & Composition (11th Statistics 
Thursday, Comparative Gov't & Politics Italian Language & Culture
14-May World History  Macroeconomics 
Friday, Human Geography Latin
15-May Microeconomics 
AP exams will be administered at the WSU Riverpoint Campus unless otherwise noted by the teacher of the course.

AP Central! Excellent resource to find out what these courses and Advanced Placement are all about!
Click here to find out what credit you might be able to attain at the college or your choice!
What does it take to be successful in AP courses?
Shadle Park AP Discussion Forum

The AP website is new to Shadle.
 Please feel free to share your ideas for the website etc. via the forum or an email to Mr. Miller -- markmi@spokaneschools.org

 AP Calculus   Linda Carney
 AP Statistics
 Aubrey Smith
 AP Language and Composition Miranda Hein
 AP Junior English                    
Holly Farnsworth
 AP Photography    
Tom Smith
 AP Biology
 Hank Mendoza
 AP Chemistry
 Kathleen Mayhan
 AP Environmental Science    
 Rhonda Hadorn
 AP Physics
 Joe Groves
 AP Psychology
 Janie Vandeberg
 AP Seminar
 Scott Harmon
 AP U.S. History
 Bob Homburg
 AP U.S. Government and Politics
 Mark Miller
 AP Comparative Government
 Mark Miller
 AP World History    
 Beth McGibbon
 AP Human Geography
(Coming in 2015-16)
 Jaime Rees


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