Current PhD Students

Latest students first

Jorge Saldivar

Jorge Saldivar is an Informatic Engineer from the Catholic University of Paraguay. He has been working, as a member of the Techology team, in the deployment of One Laptop per Child project in Paraguay for 3 years. His research areas of interest include knowledge management, technology for disability people, education technology, human computer interaction, web services, bioinformatics, networking and distirbuted system.

Beatrice Valeri

Beatrice has a bachelor on Computer Science and is going to take her master degree on Software Technologies at University of Trento, Italy. She is going to be a PhD student in the University of Trento. 

She started to work in the LiquidPub project, contributing to the development of both bottom layer and top applications, working in the teams of ResMan and LiquidJournals. She is now working on LiquidGalleries, an innovative application for museums. Her research interests include software engineering and web technologies, with particular consideration on development of applications that help people in sharing and finding content of interest.

Anton Selin

Anton Selin is a PhD candidate in the ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento, Italy. Anton received his degree from the Belarusian State University, Mechanics and Mathematics faculty. For 4 years he worked in research institute under the Belarusian State University and in Coherent Solutions as a software engineer. His research interests include Signal processing, wavelets, software engineering and web technologies.

Alejandro Mussi

Alejandro Mussi is currently working on the LiquidPub project and focusing his research on community detection algorithms for complex networks. His research interests include middleware, application-level protocols, distributed algorithms and service-oriented architectures. 

Daniil Mirylenka

Daniil Mirylenka has received his master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the Belarusian State University. Currently he is working on the LiquidPub project. His research interests include data analysis, numerical analysis, algorithms and software engineering.

Tao Peng is a PhD student in University of Trento since 2010, joint with the company GPI. His research interest is Service-Oriented Architecture. He received his double master degree in informatics from both University of Trento and RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 2009. He received his bachelor degree in computer software from Tsinghua University, China, in 2007.


Jovan Stevovic

Jovan Stevovic is currently working on CSS - Cartella Socio Sanitaria project in collaboration with GPI Spa. His work is focused on designing SOA and EDA architectures that enable interoperability among agencies that are involved into the social and health assistance in Trentino. He received the master degree at University of Trento in 2010.

Stefano Tranquillini

Stefano received his master degree in the 2010 at University of Trento. He's a member of MarcoFlow project team, this project was also the topic of his master thesis, particularly he’s working on the middle layer for the communication and synchronization of partners.   

Carlos Rodruguez

Carlos Rodriguez is aPhD student at the University of Trento, Italy. He is involved in the European research project MASTER (Managing Assurance, Security and Trust for Services) where he works on compliance assessment by analyzing and mining data obtained from distributed business process executions. His current research interests include uncertain data management and data mining, with special focus on analysis of business execution data and process discovery.

Imran Muhammad

Muhammad Imran is a PhD student at university of Trento, Italy. Currently he is working on LiquidPub project with more focus on providing research evaluation techniques based on various resources. His research interests lie predominately in the area of Distributed
computing, semantic web, and service oriented architecture.

Cristhian Parra

Cristhian Parra is a Ph.D. student at the University of Trento. In 2009, he obtained his diploma in Informatic Engineering from the National University of Asuncion. Currently, he is a member of the LiquidPub Project team, where he has been focused on the design and implementation of a SOA to manage universal web resources. His research interests include social networks, reputation, voting systems and credit attribution in the cloud (actually, he has a lot of other research interests, but unfortunately he just can focus on a few).  

Soudip RoyChowdhury

Soudip RoyChowdhury, is a PhD student of 25th cycle in UNITN’s  ICT area. Prior to joining UNITN, Soudip worked for around 5 years as a software engineer/Application architect in IBM and Tata Elxsi. His prior experience in industry were broadly but not limited to , in the areas of Embedded system design, MPEG video streaming analysis, IP multimedia system in telecom,  Enterprise configuration management, The service-oriented modeling and architecture(SOMA), and in Service oriented architecture. As part of his commitment he was an active member of of IBM world-wide SOMA-ME(modeling environment) Centre of Excellence team. He worked with IBM Services group. Software lab, System and technology group and IBM research group in their innovation project portfolio. His current research interests are in the area of Service artifact discovery and composition in Enterprise mashup domain. He is also exploring on how to extract useful information from service artifact’s execution pattens and use them for opinion mining related to service composition. Soudip is also working on EU FP7 project "COMPAS" (Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services) . In his work he is trying to express service licenses using ODRL-S standard specification and using them for checking service compliance at runtime.


Stefano Soi

Stefano Soi is a PhD candidate in ICT at the University of Trento, Italy. He has a bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Cagliari and a master in Computer Science from the University of Trento. His research interests include Web technologies, mashups and lightweight composition on the Web.

Patricia Silveira

Patricia Silveira is a Ph.D. student in the Information and Communication Technology Doctoral School, University of Trento, Italy. Her research interests include methodologies and technologies to monitor compliance in service-oriented environments. Additionally, she is also interested in patterns and models to represent lifestyles and their correlation with non-communicable diseases.

Marcos received a degree in Informatics Engineering from the National University of Asuncion, Paraguay, in 2007. He is a PhD student at the University of Trento, where he is actively involved in the LiquidPub project. His major research interests cover dataspaces, mashups and collaborative aspects of social networks.

Leandro Paulo Bogoni is a PhD student at University of Trento. In 2007, he received his master’s degree from the Catholic University, Brazil. He is currently doing research on healthcare data management at Gruppo per l’informatica, Trento - Italy. His major research interests include data warehousing and data quality for data analysis.

Annamaria Chiasera is PhD student at the University of Trento. Her thesis is on the topic of Privacy Constraint Generation for the design and development of intelligent techniques for data constraint specification through mappings and view sampling. She is also working at the R&D group of GPI (Trento - Italy) in the area of health care and e-government (CSS project) with a focus on privacy management and quality-aware business intelligence.