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I have a few basic belief that seemed to be constant over the years. Many of the others keep changing.

On Crimes and Punishments

So, I have visited the Museum of America History in DC. Inspiring. Makes me proud to be a bit american. Two things stand out: Thomas Jefferson and the declaration of independence, and Abraham Lincoln. Ah there is a third thing too, that Kermit the frog is next to them, and this is why america is great. 
Good old Thomas and Abraham use to say that everybody deserves happiness and that slavery should be abolished. These are things that today we take for granted, but that we do not apply. Today we find hard to believe that people could conceive slavery less than two centuries ago. And yet today we have forms of slavery in our own countries: Prisons. People are put in jail and in many cases forced to do community work. Today we say that this is for good reasons. That they deserve it. That it is necessary for society. But this is exactly what people supporting slavery used to say centuries ago. I think 200 years from now our descendant will think of us as barbarians and will have a hard time believing we could do such a thing. 
Nobody "deserves" a punishment like serving time in prison. And everybody deserves happiness. 

Those of us who are not in prison are just lucky, not "better'. Quality judgement on people do not make sense. There is no "better" or "worse" person. Prison should be only conceived as a preventive measures, not as a way to punish, and even in this, i am sure that government can find better form of prevention. I think we all have a duty to find a solution to this.