a. Description

Typical Raft System
for Thirty-six-Foot


The Artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller:
A Comprehensive Collection of his
Designs and Drawings,
James Ward, Ed.,
Garland, New York,

This complicated dome of narrow wood slats that are tacked together is one of Fuller’s strongest wood designs due to the dense overlapping of components. A narrow channel cuts the dome in half.

Fuller, R. Buckminster, The artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller: a comprehensive collection of his designs and drawings,
James Ward, ed., Garland, New York, 1984

Dome which results from the assembly of irregular square frames, where each is cross braced by longitudinal and diagonal (wood) slats.

The perimeter slats for each of the regions are curved in order to produce the curvature of the semi sphere.

This case can create even, oriented, continuous and smooth enclosures.