a. Description

Fifty Foot Base
Diameter Radome*


The Artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller:
a Comprehensive Collection of his
Designs and Drawings,
James Ward, Ed.,
Garland, New York,

The Radome was redesigned in 1955 to include a circular fiberglass hub. This node afforded teh structure greater compressive strength since the acute angles of the diamonds were blunted and focused on a dense, circular tangent. The pins were made shorter and stronger. 

Fuller, R. Buckminster, The artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller: a comprehensive collection of his designs and drawings, 
James Ward, ed., Garland, New York, 1984

Dome which results from the subdivision of the surface of a semi sphere into four irregular diamond faces, assembled together in an arrayed pattern around a number of circular vertex points, or hubs.

This case can result in uneven, non-oriented and discontinuous enclosures