a. Description

Tenting for the
Fifty-foot Magnesium
Geodesic Hangar

The Artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller:
a Comprehensive Collection of his
Designs and Drawings,
James Ward, ed.,
Garland, New York,

Dome which results from the subdivision of the surface of a semi-sphere into five regions, each of which is further subdivided into 11 diamond faces, and two half diamond faces. The diamond faces are further standardized into two diff erent types, one in the shape of a regular parallelogram, and the second as an irregular parallelogram.

Although the surface subdivision was originally designed to be the pattern for a fabric enclosure for a domed hanger frame, the faces can also be considered as constructed from a rigid material, thus producing their own surface based system of enclosure.

This case can result in even, oriented, and discontinuous enclosures.