2. Glossary

R. Buckminster Fuller, 
“Richard Buckminster Fuller,” Architectural Design, July, 1961:
Letter written to John McHale, New York 7, 1955

The subjective-to-objective, intermittent, only-spontaneous, borderline-conscious, and within-self communicating system that distills equitable principles – characterizing relative behavior patterns – from out pluralities of matching experiences, and reintegrates selections from those net generalized principles into unique experimental control patterns – physically detached from self – as instruments, tools or other devices admitting to increased technical advantage of man over environment circumstance, and consciously designed to permit his modification of forward experiences in preferred ways. 

Synergy is the unique behavior of whole systems unpredicted by behavior of their respective subsystems’ events. 

“Octet” Complex: 
A precessionally nonredundant, isotropic vector-tensor evolutionary relationship whose energy transformation accountings are comprehensively rational – radially and circumferentially – to all chemical, biological, electro-physical, thermodynamic, gravitational and radiational behaviors of nature.

“Synergetic System”: 
Nature’s spontaneously employed coordinate system, for it accommodates all transformations by systematic, complementary symmetries of concentric, contractual, involutional, turbo-geared positive-to-negative-to-equilibrium-to-vice-versa coordinate displacements. 

“The integrated, Teleologic objectivity of the full gamut of the exact sciences” – no more, no less. 

“House” in comprehensive designing, would be as incidental to the world-around network dwelling services as is the telephone transceiver instrument to the over-all energy processing in communication systems, which are in turn within the larger over-all systems of industry, and industry is subsidiary itself within the universal systems of macrocosmically and microcosmically pertinent evolution.

“My own case history”: 
I have enjoyed this moment’s reinspection of “my own case history”, as permitted by your earnest inquiry, for all our “in my own case” histories are those unique case histories where none respectively may trespass and wearier all may profit through the increasing lucidity of the operative principles of the comprehensive integrity implicit in every self-error-revealed stumbling.” 

John McHale, 
“The Industrial Complex,” Architectural Design, July, 1961:

“Maximal gain of advantage of performance from minimal energy input.” 

The successive phase transformations of materials and techniques therein and as bearing also on his concept of “wealth.” 

“An emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanical, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. He bears the same relation to society in the new interactive continuities of world-wide industrialization that the architect bore to the respective remote dependencies of feudal societies.”

“Scientific Dwelling Machines”: 
“By scientific dwelling machines we mean a tight but neat assembly of various mechanical units, such as a heat exchanger and a power generator, providing lights, heat, refrigeration, and mechanical actuating means for operating of sanitary apparatus and food storing and preparation devices, all included in the assembly and providing the highest standards of service deemed suitable from a contemporary scientific as well as harmonic view point. This tight assembly is so disposed on a chassis as to be not only compact and easily transported, but also easy of service access to its operating parts. The whole assembly becomes both the center of the dwelling activity and the supporting means for the shell enclosing those dwelling activities. The shell and its partitioning are secondary and complementary to the mechanics whose chassis supports them. They are to be designed as to afford maximum efficiency in control of the distribution of the air, light, and other environment conditioning emanating from the mechanics.” 

“The design evolution must go beyond the surface. It must employ as scientific a degree of approach to cleansing and heating the human being as is employed in the design of present electronic communications apparatus.”