Product Development

Helping to make your product the go to brand in a crowded market. 

The scale model industry is full of products and potions that are claiming to be the answer to every scale modellers latest problem. All to often the scale modeller ends up with a drawer of products that do the same, or similar, things, and the manufacturer ends up with no real differentiator in the marketplace. 

As a former research and development and aircraft engineer with a knowledge and understanding of the scale model marketplace, I can bring my professional experience to assist in the development of your products.

I am able to supply concise and confidential advice on your new product to include:
  • Testing of product
  • Advice on uses (including often uses beyond the original brief)
  • Advice on promotion, labelling, strap line, naming etc.
  • Advice on advertorials and product features in the specialist press
  • Photographic / video record of testing
  • Detailed written report