Articles, Reviews and Blogs

I write on scale modelling topics including reviews of kits, after-market products, books and periodicals.
My goal when working with magazines and websites is to provide an objective and balanced review of kits, products and accessories.

Detailed build articles
I aim to give the reader a narrative journey from opening the box, through beginning the build to the final finishing touches, including historical background and context. Articles are supplied with detailed high definition pictures and concise captioning. 

Technical sidebar features
Side articles typically of products included in a detailed build, but which have relevance beyond the build.

Product features and advertorials
Articles following the photo feature principle are supplied with details and descriptive photographs and captioning.

Book reviews
A 500 to 1000 word review of text, photographs, originality and readability.

In-box reviews
A 500 to 1000 word review on contents, quality of product, brief historical notes and photographs as required.

Can be either a detailed, blow by blow, account of a project, or a more condensed version covering the salient points of the build. 

Articles, reviews and blogs appearing in: