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Using Tech's avast at logon tool.

The 'avast! at logon by Tech' tool is a tool that suspends the login process and allows you to scan with avast! with as minimal processes running.

Currently, the tool is not publicly available, however may be in the future. It has previously been a closed program only distributed when certain conditions are met, however it has been suggested that public release is being considered.

So where is it useful?

-In 64 bit systems where the boot-time scan is not available. (it is being worked with the possible target of version 5.1)

Ok, so using it.

When provided with the details from Tech, you will download 'avast_at_logon_by_Tech.exe'

What you  want to do now is to right click it, and choose 'Run as administrator'

When you have entered the admin password, you will be asked whether you wish to execute avast! during the next login. Obviously you will choose yes. ;-)

You will then be asked whether you wish to logoff/login:

If you choose yes, you will be logged off, allowing you to login again.

If you choose no, you it will run when you logoff/login again.

When you logoff next, and want to utilise this tool, you will need to login to an admin account.

When logged in, you will see a black screen with the avast! window open.

From here, you can start your chosen scans...

When you are finished, just hit Ctrl + Alt + Del to logoff again, and retur to normal use.


As a side note, if you happen to schedule it, and later decide that you don't need it after all, it can be unscheduled.

Run as admin again, as above, and you will see the same activation question as before:

Choose 'Yes'

You will then be asked to Unschedule it, to which you click Yes.

Enjoy :-)