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The Sensory Show with Kelly Arnone 

The Sensory Show is a fun and informative show hosted by Kelli Arnone, an occupational therapist who specializes in sensory processing disorders. She owns and runs Pediatric Potentials, Inc, with her husband Brian Arnone in Orlando, Florida. Together they have a passion for informing anyone who will listen, about the in’s and out’s of sensory processing disorders and how these children can get better! 

Kelli’s mission is to educate you on sensory terminology in a down-to-earth way and provide you with many topics of interest related to raising or teaching a child with sensory processing challenges. She provides helpful tips and lists of activities to try at home and school, to help children reach their highest potential.  Check out her free podcasts.

Autism One Radio


Excellent and informative Videos, Blogs, Radio and Forums.  An online community for families.  From Autism One:  "We are so happy you were able to find us here at First and foremost YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and you have found the support you will need! The team, mentors and members here at the social network are here for one another and to offer you the support you need".

Autism Podcast

Created by Michael Bollis, the father of an eight-year old boy on the autism spectrum. A twelve-year, certified classroom teacher, Michael interviews parents, therapists, and other experts about the latest trends and methodologies for working with kids on the autism spectrum.