Springfield Grassroots InterFaith Team

Parliament Launches Global Ethic Petition To Live Out the Vision
Twenty years ago, more than 100 global faith and spiritual leaders declared a shared vision of the world’s critical challenges, and what we can do in harmony to eradicate these problems. While we celebrate this pioneering global ethic, the work toward a just, peaceful, and sustainable world continues. Our generation lives in the face of the same struggles: Continuous war, division, poverty, hunger, violence, ecological danger, and political dysfunction. And yet, the world is still populated by a groundswell of caring, collaborative, and eager people. The innovators of the Global Ethic trailblazed; their declaration to fix a world languishing presented a CALL TO ACTION we as millennials are better equipped to accept than any generation before.
to sign the petition
For more information on GIFT
Contact Don Ecklund, donecklund@sbcglobal.net, 787-7810
For more on the Charter for Compassion, go to www.charterforcompassion.org

Form a Book Group on the Twelve Steps of Compassion by Karen Armstrong
For information on how to get started, contact Susan, sre123@comcast.net
Thanks to those who have joined our efforts to promote the Charter for Compassion:  
Currently we are re-strategizing on how we can promote the Charter in Springfield. 
Our photographer was so engrossed in the meeting that she forgot to take pictures.
Thanks to these kind souls who posed to humor her:  Clockwise at twelve:  
Bob Westberg, Springfield Baha'i Community, Maureen Irvin, Franciscan Sisters; Marcelline Koch,
 Dominican Sisters; Ginny Bayless, Laurel Methodist Church; Clifford Hayes
and Don Ecklund, First Presbyterian Church