Fire on the River is adding Friday Night!!! 
And wouldn't you know it we are going to make it awesome!!! 
Introducing Fire on the River's own: 
Battle of the Bands & Battle of the Restaurants. 

Where local bands & restaurants will have the chance to wow us with their best and We the People will Vote for our favorites to determine the Best Band & the Best Restaurant. 

The Winners will receive Cash Prizes, will be spotlighted at our Fire on The River Saturday Event in front of 20,000 spectators and will hold bragging rights for an entire year, when they will be able to defend their title at next year's event.
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Battle of Bands will take place from 5pm - Midnight. Public voting via text messaging. Winners will be announced at 8:30pm. 
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The Participating Bands
Cash Prizes for 1st - 3rd place. 1st Place will be invited back to open for Saturday Night's Headliner before a crowd of 1,000's.
Dan McDonnell is a country singer/songwriter who is just starting to take his music public. Inspired by his beautiful wife, he is just another musician trying to catch your ear.
The River Hills Band loves making their musical worship time fun, focused and meaningful. Every morning they want everyone coming through the door expectant for worship!

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**Note there is only space for 6 bands to enter. Please submit your registration from with a demo to increase your chances to qualify.
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Battle of the Restaurants --> Click Here

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Food Court is open from 5pm - Midnight. Public voting via text messaging open 5-8pm. Winners will be announced 8:30pm 
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The Participating Restaurants
Pizza, Chicken Breast Sandwiches, 
Wyttenbach's 6oz Choice Sirloin steak Sandwich,
 Corn on the Cob
Burger on a Stick - Breaded with 
a Cheese sauce that is out of this world

Burgers, 1/4lb Hotdogs, Apple Fritters,
Deep Fried Chips w/ Cheese Sauce
Southern Style BBQ & 
House made Bacon Treats
Bread Pudding with Hot Butter
Caramel Rum Sauce

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