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Airmid: A Spero Devotional by Alan and Bekki Leddon

This is a devotional for the Healing Goddess Airmid, a member of the Irish Tuatha De Danaan. The brief work includes a description of Airmid taken from Irish Myth, along with an original guided meditation, an original invocation to the Goddess, and two original prayers to Her. Finally, a bibliography is included to help the reader learn more.

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Epona: A Spero Devotional by Alan Leddon

Epona was the Gaulish Goddess of horses, dogs, and the sovereignty of land. When the Romans learned of Her, they adopted Her as a patroness of soldiers and a protector of the Emperor Himself. In this short work, learn to invoke Her today to look after those who protect others - airmen, Marines, police, sailors, soldiers - and to look after her ancient charges as they serve Mankind today.
Included within are a recipe, an invocation, a meditation, a brief history of the Cultus of Epona, and more, are related to this Goddess of those that embody loyalty, strength, and elegance.

Lakshmi: A Spero Devotional by Alan and Bekki Leddon

This short devotional includes a description of Maha Lakshmi and her role in Hindu & Jain mythology. As the generous Goddess of Wealth, the personification of beauty and grace, and the consort to Vishnu, She is a popular Goddess even today. It includes a mantra sung to Her, two original prayers, an original invocation, and an original guided meditation. There is also a recipe for a milk and honey beverage that can be consumed in Her honor, or offered in libation to Her. The appendix includes all 108 of Her names.

This is a perfect introduction to this beautiful and loving Goddess, and even those familiar with Her will enjoy the guided meditation and invocation found here.

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Pele: A Spero Devotional

This devotional is designed to help modern worshipers, and anyone else interested, connect with Hawaii's passionate Goddess of fire, volcanoes, and dance.
Learn about Her origin and Her exile from Tahiti. Modern people still claim to have met Her - learn the signs that the stranger you are talking to might be Her! The work includes an original invocation of the Goddess, two original prayers to Her, and an original (and thematic) guided meditation. Also included is a recipe for a non-alcoholic fruit punch (adults can add some "punch" to it easily).

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Poseidon: A Spero Devotional by Alan and Bekki Leddon

Poseidon is brother to Zeus, Hades, Demeter, and Hera, and rules the Oceans, Earthquakes, and Horses. Not to mention, He has some of the freakiest looking children...
In this very short work, you will find Poseidon's family tree, a description of his various misadventures, a guided meditation, an invocation, and two prayers. It has everything needed by a casual student of mythology or a serious worshiper of the Olympians.

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Thor: A Spero Devotional by Alan and Bekki Leddon

Thor is a Norse God known for His incredible strength, His lust for battle and mead, and His great love of humans. In the Norse mythology, Thor had many adventures involving giants, dwarves, and other beings. Thor is considered to be the God of lightning and thunder. His other attributes include oak trees, protection of mankind, storms, healing, and fertility.

Learn His family tree, some of his deeds, and a recipe for non-alcoholic mead. The work also includes a guided meditation, an invocation, and two prayers.

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Thoth: A Spero Devotional

Thoth was the Greek name for the Egyptian God Tahuti, the God of Writing, Cosmic Balance, Magic, and Science. The work includes a bread recipe, an invocation, and two prayers, as well as Tahuti's biographical data and details of his worship. His interventions in the battles between Good and Evil are detailed. This chapbook contains everything needed by the casual student of Egyptian mythology as well as the serious modern Egyptian Pagan to understand this important God.

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