A Child's Eye View

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A Child's Eye View of Ancient Druidism by Blackbird O'Connell

The Druids are as misunderstood and mysterious today as they were in the days of Caesar. Written by a practitioner of the modern Irish Pagan religion, this work combines thorough research and modern passion to demystify these legendary figures. This book is an excellent read for people of all ages interested in learning the facts about the beliefs of the people called the Druids, and about the Druids themselves. It speaks clearly and concisely about the people from history that we know held this most prestigious title. O'Connell talks about the Gods and Goddesses that they served and the heroes venerated by their people. This work draws on the writings of people who knew the Druids personally to help bring the ancient facts to light once more. Finding clues in archaeology, history, and mythology, Blackbird O'Connell paints a surprising picture of these once forgotten judges and leaders.

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A Child's Eye View of Astrology by Cynthia Cassandra

A primer on western Astrology intended for children, easy to understand and informative for anyone, this work demystifies the meanings of 10 celestial bodies, twelve Zodiac signs, and the twelve houses.

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A Child's Eye View of Fair Folk, by Alan Leddon

Alan Leddon once again delights and educates readers of all ages in this installment in the "A Child's Eye View" series. It features the artwork of Kidril Telrunya and scholarly research on the mythological Fairies of cultures from all six inhabited continents. Learn about Fae from Japan, Australia, and Native Americans alongside the many varieties of Ireland and Scotland!
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A Child’s Eye View of Ghosts and Hauntings By Alan Leddon

People all over the world have long believed that the dead can come back to visit the living. Worldwide, people envision see-through, airy, frightening beings who return to point out killers, complete unfinished work, visit loved ones, or seek vindication. Why does everyone imagine the same thing? Maybe it is not imagination...
In this latest Child's Eye View Book, Alan Leddon presents information on 60 types of Ghosts from world mythology, as well as thirty-eight mythological figures associated with ghosts and their journeys. A long vocabulary list of terms related to ghost studies and a list of fifteen fairly well known hauntings round out the superb research of this excellent book. The author discusses why funerals are important (it is not why you think!) and explains why different cultures have a similar view of the restless dead.
This work is complete, accurate, and informative without speaking down to its target audience. It is written to be just the right length for an easy read after work. This is not a collection of almost spooky stories...this is a textbook of real world beliefs and practices.
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A Child's Eye View of Heathenry by Galina Krasskova

Heathenry is one of the fastest grown groups of religions today, and is found throughout the US and Canada. Galina Krasskova, author of a number of popular books on the topic, brings accurate information and a child-friendly format to the study of the Heathen faiths (which include Asatru, Northern Traditions, Theodism, and more). The book speaks on Heathenry's past and present, and details many of its more important Holy Powers.

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A Child's Eye View of Irish Paganism by Blackbird O'Connell

Céad mile fáilte romhat!
The polytheistic faith of Old Ireland is coming alive once more. Child’s Eye View of Irish Paganism details Págánacht, providing concise information on this ancient faith and its modern practice. In these pages, learn the history and mythology of the Emerald Isle – from the last Ice Age, The Four Invasions, the Potato Famine, and on through to the Troubles. Fear the Fomorians and the Fir Bolg; and thrill to the adventures of the Gods and Goddesses known as the Tuatha dé Danann. Learn a smattering of Gaeilge, the official language of Ireland.
A Child’s Eye View of Irish Paganism includes a description of the Four Treasures of Ireland, as well as individual entries for eleven of the most prominent figures in Irish myth, including Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhall.
Though written for children age 8 to 13, this book is an easy read for busy adults as well. 
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A Child's Eye View of Magick by Alan and Bekki Leddon

This how-to work is the product of two parents with a combined 45 years of experience in Magick and Mysticism. It explains how activities once thought of as Magick have become commonplace examples of science. It offers a series of exercises to put the lessons within to practical use, culminating in the reader creating and casting his or her own spells from scratch! It includes a list of many of the historical forms of divination Magick and a complete description of how to perform the Lesser ritual of the Pentagram. If you need it in order to "create change in conformance with will," it is in this book...and it is broken down into easy to follow lessons. Magick...as easy as child's play!

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A Child's Eye View of Reiki by Ljót Lokadis

Readable for ages 8 and up and palatable for teens and adults, "A Child's Eye View of Reiki" is a short but comprehensive guide to this formerly mysterious practice of "laying on hands" to support good emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Learn the history, basics, level system, and advanced practice of Reiki with clear text, drawings, and ample photographs of the author and a patient.
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A Child's Eye View of Tarot By Cynthia Cassandra

Written by a professional reader and astrologer, The Child's Eye View of Tarot is the ideal introductory course in Tarot reading for children aged 8 to 13. Easy to understand, fully illustrated, it explains the history of the cards, the meaning of each card, and how to assemble the meanings into a coherent reading. The lessons are broken down to digestible pieces, complete with exercises to help the card readers of the future apply what they have learned. Don't let the name fool you, though - adults will also learn a great deal from this work, too. The information is complete and well researched. If you are a beginner, if you've been having trouble learning to use the Tarot, or if you would just like to brush up on the meanings of the cards, this is the book for you.

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Child's Eye View of The Fairy Faith, by Morgan Daimler

The Fairy Faith has been practiced by Christians and Pagans alike for hundreds of years, as documented by anthropologists including W. Y. Evans Wentz. In this book, you can discover the Folk of the Otherworld who have long been loved and feared by the people of Ireland and the other Celtic Nations.
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A Child's Eye View of Totems and Tutelary Spirits, by Alan Leddon

This book examines teaching and protective spirits, spirit ancestors and power animals from mythologies from all over the world. Good, protective spirits and malevolent "evil spirits" from all six inhabited continents are discussed in an easy to read format.
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A Child's Eye View of Vampires by Alan Leddon

Alan Leddon delights readers with this collection of exhaustively researched vampires and vampire like creatures from around the world. Explore the enormous variety of mythological and real world creatures that have been feared for centuries.

In these pages, learn about 78 varieties of vampires, witches, and hungry ghosts from the mythology of the seven inhabited continents, alongside 50 mythological creatures that have vampire-like traits. Learn about four different diets for vampires, and why funerals are important for preventing people from becoming vampires.
Most importantly, learn how people from the world over have tried to protect themselves from these creatures! 

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A Child's Eye View of Vodou by Dalton Miller

Designed to dispel Hollywood myth and common misconception, this work presents Vodou as a living and good faith - from a child's perspective. Whether you are a Vodounisto raising children, a potential convert to the faith, or an adult working with children from families that practice Vodou, this is an invaluable resource on the beliefs and practices of this misunderstood faith.

It includes sample songs to please the lwas, descriptions of how to serve them in practice, and a brief history of the religion of Vodou.

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A Child's Eye View of Wicca by Alan Leddon

This is the ideal "Wicca 101" course for the children of Wiccan parents and for those adults who will be a part of their lives. Every aspect of Wicca is touched upon, including beliefs and holidays.

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