Products and Services

Individual Books:

Spero Publishing's current offerings cover an ever increasing range of interests.

A Child's Eye View:

The Child's Eye View series is designed to be short introductions to religions and spiritual practices.  Written for people between 8 and 12 years old, they are easy to understand and fun for adults as well as teens and older kids.  These are perfect short introductions not only for anyone interested in understanding paths other than their own, but also for parents, teachers, friends and others involved with the lives of children who practice these religions and paths.

Spero Devotionals:

Spero Publishing is excited to announce a new series of short devotionals dedicated to Deities from around the world. Each devotional offers its readers the opportunity to connect with the Deity in deeper and more profound ways through information, meditation, prayers and invocations. Collect them all or just keep an eye out for the Deities of your choice. Feel free to email requests for future devotionals to!


If you have written a book, but want to self publish, we'll convert your book to the required formats for Kindle, Wordclay, Create Space, and Smashwords. The charge is $45 for the first of the four sites that you pick, and $15 for each additional site. This is not a proofreading service - we'll correct anything we catch, but we aren't looking for typos et al. Order this service here:


 If you are interested in self-publishing or have reports for work or school, articles, resumes, blogs, or anything else you have written, this service costs $1.50 per 850 words. We'll figure the word count as the average of what you sent us and what we end up with. This service is especially useful for college students for whom English is a second language. Turnaround time depends on the number and length of projects ahead of yours, but we will try to comply with reasonable deadlines. We have two editors working only on this, and a third who checks their work; we guarantee to return your project with a less than 3% error rate - or your next one is on the house. We accept Paypal (or cash if you are in the Madison area) and will invoice your account when the proofing is done.

Please also note that, if you plan to publish your book or other work through Spero, a need to have an excessive amount of editing and proofreading will seriously harm your chances of being accepted. We'll do reasonable work for free on an accepted manuscript; that is part of our job. You are under no obligation to use this, or any other, proofreading service prior to submitting a work to us...but if you are not sure, it might be a good idea.

This service is available, for projects of no more than 15,000 words, through Dane County TimeBank if you'd rather pay us in hours. We'll bill you for the hours it takes to do the work.

E-zine/Newsletter Layout:

We don't limit ourselves to books, we also do the layout for flyers and other advertisements, newsletters, e-zines, logos, calendars and more! Contact us at for more details and pricing. Discounts are given to non-profit organizations, and we also offer this service through Dane County TimeBank if you'd rather pay us in hours for the time it takes to put together your project.


Spero's books and other products are being marketed globally. That means that your website address, tucked into the back matter of one or more of our products, can also be seen worldwide.
Non-profit organizations can be included in one product for free, as can companies whose product is thematically related to the major topic of the work. Contact us for a list of upcoming titles and themes at
Otherwise, for a 100 word blurb plus website or email, we charge $10 per title for e-books and $15 per title for hardcopies; we'll do both versions of the same title for $20.
Add $5 for a picture (color in e-books, grayscale in hardcopies), and add $5 for each additional 100 words or fraction thereof.
Spero Publishing supports military agencies and military personnel, police and law enforcement, firefighters, and other professional rescuers. Messages of support, or messages in memoriam, are half price.

You can also buy advertising on this site.  $20/year for a banner or $30/year for a 500 pixels by 300 pixels ad. You may change this ad up to 6 times during that year.

If you or your company has a website or products that already offers advertising we are open to ad exchanges. Contact us at for more information.