About Us

Spero Publishing was established in 2010 by Alan and Bekki Leddon, and is based in Madison, WI.

Our goals are pretty simple:
1) We want to provide quality, informative products on a diverse range of topics.
2) We want to make it easier for good authors and illustrators to get their work published.
3) While we are at it, we want to donate some money to preserve endangered animals and to support the working classes in Wisconsin.

We'd also like to put out two lines of books, one designed for role-players, actors, and researchers, and one for kids...and we want to cover a lot of subjects in BOTH lines. We have many other projects in the works too. Contact us for an assignment if you are interested in writing and/or illustrating informative books.

Oh, and we'd really like to take a look at your manuscripts.  So if you have a quality product that you'd like to see in published, please send a brief description to us at:

speropublishingco@gmail.com Subject: new manuscript

Our first product, "Religion Laid Bear," speaks briefly of the tragedies that humans inflict on bears. We are committed to combating the needless suffering of these amazing animals. A portion of the proceeds of "Religion Laid Bear" will be donated to organizations which rescue and rehabilitate abused bears. We will also accept donations to be sent on to these charities; please send a check or money order to "Donations", care of Spero Publishing, PO Box 8747 Madison WI 53708.

For general inquires about our company, suggestions and questions, please email us at:


Or you can reach one of us through Yahoo Instant Messenger by friending Speropublishingeditor

Don't forget to like us on facebook for product and service updates!

Our old website is still up at http://speropublishing.webs.com/

Keep watching...great things are coming.

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