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[Iyer123] Kerala: Communists' Own Country
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Despite many challenges, Bharata Varsha basically remained a Hindu Rashtra.    While the whole nation retained its basic character, its south-west corner State, Kerala, always raised dissenting voice.  Probably because it was created out of a destructive weapon, the axe, the State always symbolised another destructive weapon, not one but two; the hammer and sickle.   While all Indian States celebrate Diwali, the day which marks the 'destruction' of demon Narakasura, Kerala alone stands separately and celebrate the 'arrival' of another demon, Mahabali.  While other Indian States vote for democracy, Kerala always vote for dictatorship of the proletariat, as they call it.  While in other states, majorities remain as majorities and minorities remain as minorities, in Kerala minorities remain as majorities and  majorities remain as minorities.  Whether it is the policies of the Government or the formation of  judges in a musical programme, minorities enjoy respectable representation.  By sheer power of number, a member from minority community is declared as winner that too in a classical based programme which is supposed to be the forte of majority Hindus.  OK.  We should be secular but let us not stretch secularism too far.      
We all know that an MBA man heads a Business enterprise, a physician leads a hospital, a leading Lawyer sits in judgment.  By the same argument, you would think that the Minister incharge of temple administration would have some faith in religious matters, administer the temples in accordance with the custom, tradition and Agama Saasthra and serve the sacred purpose for which the temples have come into being.  But here is a Minister who has no faith and who is bent on ridiculing the temple practices and principles.  Perhaps, he wants to introduce Marxist doctrine in a new area by bring about a mini revolution in temple practices.  Ever since, he has dedicated himself in reforming the Hindu temples and also in reforming the devotees who were blindly following the age-old practices.   First he said that all women, irrespective of age, should get entry in Sabari temple.  Then he turned towards Guruvayoor and said that all communities should be allowed in this temple.  Wiser counsel prevailed and he did not pursue these ideas further.  Then he made a statement that over 90% of saints here are bogus.    It is natural that such an atrocious statement evoked no response from Keralites because they were otherwise engaged in their own material pursuits.  Taking a clue from sages revealing eternal truth through Vedas and Upanishads, our Minister, Mr Panthalam Sudhakaran too made a startling revelation that the Makara Vilakku that appears over the mountains is not natural but man made.  The Minister for Temple Administration was in fact suggesting that people should not be carried away by superstition, cultivate rational and reformist outlook and stop going to Sabari hill.   
But let us not find fault with the Minister who has to toe the line of Marxists.  According to Mao, religion is the opium of the people.  So, the Government should try to wean away people from going to temples in their own interest.  It is also not a bad idea that copy of Communist Manifesto should be distributed free in all Devaswom book stalls.