This I Believe


Ever had someone special to you, taken in a blink of an eye?  Well I have, my Stepfather.  My Stepfather, a great man, was a very important person in my life.  He was always there for me when I needed him.  I cared for him as if he were my real father.  His unexpected death changed my life forever.  These are some reasons why I believe that even though someone is not related to you by blood, they are related to you because of the love and care they give you.

     It all happened 0n Saturday Febuary 6, 2004, when my stepfather said he was going to the store and he'd be right back.  A few hours later my mom and brothers (Michael, Jason, and Erick) went to bed.  

     Suddenly my mom heard someone knocking on the door, and asked herself," Who would it be at this time of night?"  When she opened the door, she was surprised to see the police.  Then they said," Nicole, Zack has been murdered!"  My mom could not believe what she had heard, and broke down in tears.  They then asked to search the house.  My mother let them in, but told them they had to be quiet because she didn't want the kids to know yet.

     The next day when my mom came to pick me up she told me what had happened.  My heart felt so weak and I felt like if someone had taken a piece of my heart and broke into tiny little pieces.  I started to cry along with my mom and my grandma.  I felt just as bad as them, but I knew that my mom was in real pain.  My mom loved him a lot, and I know she'd do anything to see him still alive. 

     Instead of going to school the next day, I went to the funeral.  When we got to the chapel we saw all of his and our family members.  A few minutes later they let us in to see him.  When I saw him just laying there without any motion, I felt like a fish without water.  I busted into tears along with my mother and other of our family members.  In the chapel they put on a song called, "Dance with My Father Again" by Luther Van dross.  I've loved that song ever since that day and every time it comes on either on the radio or on my ipod I always think about him.  That was one of the worst days of my life.





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