Shana's Rockin' Page!

                                      Welcome To My Page!!                                              

     My name is Shana, and I was born and raised in San Pablo, California. This year I will be attending school as a freshman at Richmond High School in San Pablo, California. I am Hispanic,and a very proud one. I am interested in making delicious meals and pastries.  I love to listen to music, dance, and sing.  I am hoping to be successful in life and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get where I want.

My goals for life are really high for after high school.  One of my goals is to get my BA after I graduate.  Although I want to go to Contra Costa College, I also want to go to UC Berkeley.  After going to one of those colleges, I want to get a degree in being a Chef.  Another thing I really want to do is travel to New York, Hawaii, Europe, Can Cun, and Florida.  I'd like to travel to these places because they seem really interesting to me, to meet other people, and learn other languages.

To reach my goals for after high school I need to be responsible and give 100% of my effort.  I need to do my best in high school and get good grades.  I will do my best on the California High School Exit Exam. I am willing to be the best, of the best, to get into a good college.  While in high school I need to get all of my credits and get recommendations from my teachers.

I hope you liked what you've read, and hope that you noticed what I am capable of doing to be successful in life.  Thank you for visiting my Web Site.  For more information about this web project, click here.

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