Men named on the Heckmondwike Green Park Memorial

Of the over 1000 men from Heckmondwike who were involved in the Great War 157 lost their lives, these men are recorded on the War Memorial in Green Park.  The list below names these men.  Over the period 2014 to 2018 we will be publishing details about each of these 157 men.  Information will be released on the Friday of the week of the 100th anniversary of the man's death.  If the information on the named man has been released his name is underlined and by clicking on his name you will be taken to his dedicated webpage where you can read about his life and sad death.  If you can contribute in any way to providing a fuller description of any of the men or have photographs relating to them please contact us and we will include this material.  Our email address is

Louis Ackroyd
Albert Aitkin
Ernest Allen
George Allen
James Bartholomew Archer
Lothair Armitage
Horace Aspin
John Aykroyd
George Frederick Ball
Frederick-de-Forge Bartle

Frederick Batley
George Cooke Batley
John Alfred Baxter
Harry Beldon
William Edward Bellerby
Joseph Bennett
Thomas Bennett
Arthur Benson
Thomas Henry Blakeley
Allan Bowker

Tom Brayshaw
Joseph Brearley
Norman Briggs
James Broderick
George Henry Brooke
Arthur Burnett
Ned Cartwright
Joseph William Corcoran
Leonard Coulton
Norman Lawrence Coward

William Crane
Lennox Crossley
Russell Eric Crowther
John Arnold Culbert
Christopher Cushworth
Thomas Firby Dent
Sidney Dobson
William Donnelly
Thomas Doran
Arthur William Duffin

Ronald Duthie
Harry Dye
Law Dyson
Charles William Exley
Ernest Exley
Thomas William Exley
Robert Farrell
Daniel Faulkner
Luke Fawcett
Joseph Fieldhouse

James Finnigan
Fred Firth
John Firth
Allatt Fisher
Herbert France
Gilbert Franklin
George Gale
Joseph Gibson
Miles Gill
Louis Gladman

Robert Gladman
George William Goodall
Percy Goodall
Albert Edward Greenwood
John Thomas Haddon
John William Hagan
Christopher Hallam
Albert Hanson
Reginald Sowden Hanson
Harry Headley

John Thomas Hepworth
Alfred Hinchliffe
Tom Hinchliffe
Clifford Hirst
Haydn Hirst
John William Hirst
Raymond Algeno
William George Hoffland
Ernest Holmes
Harold Binns Holt

Rowland Jenkinson
Frank Kaye
Naylor Keach
Alfred Law
George William Lawford
Thomas Lawton
Arthur Ledgard
Norman K Lees
Thomas William Lindsay
Raymond Lister

Rhodes Lister
George Newton Mapplebeck
Arthur Clarence Moffatt
George Henry Morris
James William Morris
James Morton
Walter Naylor
James Walker Nelson
Fred North
George Arthur North

Edgar Oddy
Percy Orman
Clifford Parker
William Parker
Charles Edward Pearce
Joseph Edward Peel
Clement Pogson
George Fred Preston
Leonard Preston
John Willie Priestley

Albert Erwin Quarmby
Leonard Quarmby
Charles Radbone
Frank Redhead
Lawrence Edward Rhodes
Alfred Henry Robinson
George Roe
Benjamin Schofield
James Arthur Schofield
Percy Schofield

John Reynolds Scorer
William Sharp
Harry Shaw
Arthur Wilson Simpkin
Harry Hargreaves Simpkin
Travers Simpkin
Charles Smith
Ernest Smith
Harry Smith

John William Spink
Joe Hartley Stead
Edgar Sutcliffe
Allan Tattersfield
Ernest Tattersfield
Robert Hodgson K Taylor
George Henry Townend
Charles Gladstone Trevitt
George Turton
John Wadsworth

Herbert Walker
Percy Walker
Ralph Walker
Thomas Dobson Walker
Anthony Walsh
Thomas Walsh
Norman Walshaw
Victor George Ward
Charles Weaver
Leonard Whitaker

Edwin Willett
Sherman Wilson
John Bradfield Winn
Arthur Wood
Harold Wright
Joe Wright
Albert Edward Yeadon