The Spen Valley Historical Society was founded in 1972 and 2019 will be our 47th year of continuous existence.

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, with the exception of August when we do not have a meeting. The meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm at Our Lady & St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church Hall Dewsbury Road Cleckheaton.

The remaining programme for the 2018-19 season is:-

 13th March
 The Life of Edward Baines – Mr Mercury 1774–1849
 David Thornton

For more information our contact details are


tel 0786 631 0162

or spenvalleyhistoricalsociety@gmail.com

tel 0797 193 8010

Would members please note that subscriptions for the 2019/20 season of talks are due from April which is also our AGM.  It would be greatly appreciated if members could pay the subscriptions my cheque at the March meeting.  Cheques should be made payable to "Spen Valley Historical Society", the amount is £10.  If you are unable to pay by cheque then cash is okay.

Topics for the 2019/20 season of talks are:-

A Potter's tale
Discovering John Hartley's Clock Almanacs
Following the Drum
Hats & huts, ladies of the YMCA
Infra-red colour aeriel photography
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Little known London
Local disasters and tragedies
Six sea convoys of WW2
Story of Edward Wadsworth
The 1891 Spen Valley influenza epidemic

--------------+++++--------------------What's New--------------------+++++-------------

7th November 2018 - Dave Dickinson is seeking information about a Stationery Shop in Liversedge circa 1903.

15th July 2018 - A local history group has been set up at Cleckheaton Library and will meet on Tuesday 24 July and then the second and fourth week in the month.

13th July 2018 - Martin Webster is seeking information about West End Park.

15th February 2018 - Link added to Queensbury Tunnel website.