Rockman2 Neta translation patch

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What is Rockman2 de Ippatsu Neta (ロックマン2で一発ネタ)?

A Japanese freeware PC game based on Capcom's Rockman2 ("Mega Man 2" outside Japan).  You are given every special weapon from the original game, and you face off against all eight robot masters at once.

It looks something like this:


Download Rockman2 Neta translation patcher (139 KB)
View the Readme (also included in the patcher)
(c) 2009 SPennLUE.  Feel free to link to this page, or to distribute either of these files unaltered.

This is a stand-alone patching program which will translate Rockman2 Neta (linked below) into the English "Rockman2 Boss Battle Extravaganza Thing."  Everything has been translated: intro, ending, menus, error messages, you name it.  Also included, just for fun, are a few "bonus" patches for a little extra challenge (optional, of course).

Get the full game here: (4.8 MB)

Thanks to:

 -Mr. X for making the original Rockman2 Neta.

 -All the smart, patient folks at the forums for their coding and translation help, as well as bug testing.

 -LUElinks/ETI, another message board full of people who performed some last-minute checks to see if this thing actually works.

Programs used:

NJStar (
  Japanese word processor and dictionary

  Installer creation utility

The Unisearcher (
  Shift-JIS reference

GetMyHex (
  Shift-JIS converter

Hex Workshop (
  Hex editor

As you play, you will unlock little extras to help you out.

You'll have to play it yourself to see what you get.

As long as you don't mess around with the files, you probably won't see any error messages.  But I translated them anyway.

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