Working Papers:

with Theodore Christensen (University of Georgia), Hang Pei (California State University, San Bernardino), and Liang Tan (George Washington University)

preparing for 2nd round submission at Review of Accounting Studies

Committee: Tom Lys (Co-Chair), Bob McDonald (Finance Department), Tjomme Rusticus, Linda Vincent (Co-Chair), and Beverly Walther

under review at Review of Accounting Studies

Do Aggregate Analyst Recommendations Provide Information to Investors about Future Aggregate Discount Rates?

with Bruce K. Billings (Florida State University) and Sami Keskek (Florida State University)

preparing for 2nd round submission at The Accounting Review  

with Hariom Manchiraju (Indian School of Business) and Sri Sridharan (Northwestern University)

under 2nd round review at Journal of Accounting, Audit & Finance

with Dirk Black (Dartmouth College) and Wayne Thomas (University of Oklahoma)

Eleventh-Hour Earnings Management and Timeliness of Financial Reporting

with Mark Kim (Florida State University) and Ira Yeung (University of British Columbia)

with John Campbell (University of Georgia) and Urooj Khan (Columbia University)

Looking Your Worst: Downward Earnings Management after Activist Challenges

with Mary-Hunter McDonnell (The University of Pennsylvania) and Jacob Thornock (Brigham Young University)

with Riddha Sattam Basu (Northwestern University) and Andrew Stephan (University of Colorado)