Board of Directors, Officers, & Positions

Board of Directors

The following individuals serve on the Spencer Pride Inc. Board of Directors.  The Board is elected by the membership and each director serves a term of 2 years.  We have no term limits.  There are a total of six Director roles as defined by the Spencer Pride Inc. by-laws.

Three of the Directors also serve as officers of the organization.  Officers include the president, secretary, and treasurer/financial officer.  Directors hold each officer position for the length of one year.  There are also no term limits for officers. 

The Board of Directors meets monthly.


Judi Epp is a founding member of Spencer Pride.  She is also involved with White River Valley PFLAG. Judi retired early from AT&T. Judi and her wife, who is also retired, live the good life at their lakeside home with their 5 – yes, 5 dogs.  The couple has been together for 35 years.  For their 30th anniversary, the women celebrated by getting married In Canada.  Although they could just stay home and enjoy retirement, they believe in this age of unremitting bullying that it is important for someone who isn’t afraid to step forward.  Judi has been active in the community in other ways and has found that when people know you personally it’s more difficult to hate you as part of a minority.

You can contact Judi by e-mailing her at or by calling her at 812-829-9611.


Other Positions
Periodically, other positions are proposed by the Board of Directors and voted upon by the membership.  These positions are key organizational positions to assist Spencer Pride, Inc. in meeting our goals. There are two common types of positions utilized commonly by Spencer Pride, Inc: Coordinators and Committee Chairs.  

Coordinators are typically designated for very specific activities and are empowered to execute plans defined by the Board of Directors and the Membership.  

Committee Chairs are responsible for the organization and communication of Committees.  The position is an important leadership role, but ultimately decisions are made by the Committee with facilitation by the Committee Chair.  

Coordinators and Committee Chairs are not members of the Board of Directors, although they are called on to attend Board meetings to report on the activities for which they are responsible.



Jonathan A. Balash
is currently serving his sixth term as president of Spencer Pride, Inc.   Jonathan is the only person to have ever served as the president of the organization.  He works at King Systems, a medical device manufacturer based in Noblesville.  Jonathan is passionate about Spencer Pride and is proud of the organization's successes both in the local community as well as in the LGBT community as a whole.  
Jonathan and his husband Jacob are two of the seven founding members of Spencer Pride, Inc. The two men live in Spencer with their four basset hounds.  In December, their family will expand with the birth of their baby boy.

You can contact Jonathan by e-mailing him at or by calling him at 812-821-3073.

Treasurer/Financial Officer

Jerry Cross
has been a member of Spencer Pride for 6 years and the treasurer for 4 of those years. He has worked for Boston Scientific for the past 14 years located in the heart of Spencer. Jerry lives in Camby, Indiana. He is a student at Indiana Wesleyan University studying business management. He also sits as the vice-chair to the South Central Community Action Program. Jerry enjoys spending time with his 5 nieces and nephews. He prays that the work and effort he does in his life helps bring a brighter and understanding future for them and the rest of the world.

You can contact Jerry by e-mailing him at


Cathy Wyatt

You can contact Cathy by e-mailing her at