Reflections on Assignments


The three different Microsoft word assignments let me learn many new techniques in the program.  The techniques were very appropriate and will let me produce my work at a high level.  It will make my work look its best when I need to present it to someone.



I choose one assignment from computer applications and two from construction estimating.  The one from computer applications gave me the knowledge I needed to know about the program to let me completely understand how to use the program.  It gave me the ability to complete my other two assignments in construction estimating.  They are much more related to the program and showcase how the program can be use to help reduce the amount of time it takes to complete these assignments.  Also it will make sure that there are no calculation errors as the computer is doing all the work. 

Power Point

The assignments I did in power point will aid me in when I need to do presentation for a company.  This allowed me to learn different abilities that the program had that I did not know about.  These assignment will let me make my work not only sound professional but also has the professional look it needs to impress the right people.

Math Cad

We only completed one assignment in this program and it was completely new to me.  I learnt that it is a great program when it comes to any kind of math problem, it is able to solve all of them.  It also allows you to have all of your work neat and organize.  I believe this program will become more of an asset come next term for statics.


This program once again was completely new to me, but I was able to learn it very quickly which really helped me.  The three assignments that I have available here are the three that meant the most to me and really showed how far I have come in this program.  It shows how I first started drawing simple objects and then going into much more detail with adding text and dimensions to the drawings.  Also learning how to plot them at proper scale to let them actually be able to be use to bring the drawings to life.  I really enjoy using this program and look forward to using it in the future.