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I am Spencer Duane Miles. I was born in Orem Utah on October twenty-sixth, in the year of our LORD nineteen hundred and eighty-two.

I was raised as a mormon until my parents divorced in 1996, after which I became a consumate pagan and from there degraded into blatant satanism and the occult.

During this time I was entirely convinced of evolution as the means of the Origin.

I graduated from Manitou Springs High School in 2001 as an excellent womanizer and an unpredictable emotive. At this point I called myself a 'goth' and lived an emotionally unstable life.

I studied French, German and Spanish while in High School under the impression that 'chicks dig guys that speak lots of languages.'  I received many, many accolades for my talents with linguistics and during this period my I.Q. was shown to be well over one-hundred and eighty.

After graduation I enlisted in the United States Navy as a Machinist. After graduating from boot camp with the highest divisional G.P.A. I went to Engineering Core School at N.T.C (Service School Command) in Great Lakes Illinois. I graduated from Core School with the highest academic honors in my class. Subsequent to the commencement of my MR 'A' School, I lost all control and began two separate periods of 'Unauthorized Absence' wherein I foolishly wrote to all of the members of the High Command of the United States Navy - from my skipper to the President - begging for a discharge. I was discharged for misconduct (RE-4) for being found guilty of smoking marijuana (which I had done while AWOL)

After my confinement at T.P.U. in Great Lakes, I returned to Colorado to 'rebuild' my adolescent relationship with a girl. After she gave me the boot, I moved to Reno, Nevada to 'rebuild' my life.

After three or four weeks of futile job searching in Reno, I decided to rob the Bank of America on Seventh and McKarrin. I stole eight hundred and fourty three dollars from a young lady there and fled to Idaho.

I was arrested in Idaho and confessed freely to my crime. I was incarcerated in Bannock County Jail, Idaho, for nearly a year before being transferred to Washoe County Jail, Nevada, via F.T.C. Oklahoma City, Ok.

After nearly a year in Washoe County, I was again transferred via F.T.C. Ok to F.C.I. Fairton New Jersey. After around four years as an inmate, I was released to Colorado in July of 2005.

While incarcerated I was forced into intensive introspection and self-evaluation. I 'found' Jesus in Idaho and attempted to become a consumate christian. During this time I instructed myself in Hebrew and the conventions of written English. I taught adult literacy and G.E.D. I also taught French to Spanish speaking students, I taught Music Theory and, I smile as I say, sewing.

After horrid realizations of the true nature of my acts and my thoughts, I became aware of the immense importance of truth, honor and patriotism. My regret is that I had to harm many in order to learn these harsh lessons.

For the last three years I have failed greatly in my attempts to live a simple life. I wed a whore and sired son whom she unlawfully keeps from me.

I believed that I could keep her, I alone am responsible for that sickening charade of a marriage. 

Currently I am an Undergraduate at Pike's Peak Community College here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am studying Linguistics (Specializing in Indo-European tounges) and Constitutional Law.

My education in the United States Navy, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Community College System of Colorado and a doomed marriage have turned me from what was a despicably foolish, useless waste of flesh, into a man who knows his limits, his strengths and the value of true wisdom.

I have learned a fierce love for The United States of America and those things which brought her about as The Greatest Nation ever to exist in the history of mankind.

I have become a strong student of both The Holy Bible and the history of mankind. I have begun self-education in science, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, and communication (both the written and the oral of many, many tounges)

All of my wisdom is a gift of God through His most Holy Son, The LORD God Yeshuah Ha'Moshiach (commonly known as Jesus Christ)

I have much to repair and much forgiveness to seek. I am judged by no man and have no respect for the fools who attempt to do so.

I am not simply a felon, neither am I simply an absent (allbeit involuntary) father. I am not just a bad husband, and I am not simply a poor man.

I am a holder of that which may be given to any who would ask. I have no value other than that which is bestowed upon all men. I am worthless in and of myself.

That which is infinitely greater than I compells me; a force with which I can no longer contend directs me. I am merely one who speaks the truth in honor.

I am the Writer in Chains.