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Observe Nature and use what you learn.

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Files And other Things involving my first love: Engineering.


1. PointsTach1.jpg 

     A points driven tachometer... maybe? Got it from an old book.


The Surveyor Project: 1978 Dodge Surveyor Sportsman RV, great drivetrain, rotten cabin. I want to rebuild it but I'm broke so its for sale!!!! $1000.00

Side view of the chassis...

The Mess Made in Demo...

See the sticker?

Proof of non-Poser

The Front... no grille...

And the back, No RV!!!


The Ducati Project: 1968 250 Monza quickly becoming the Frankencati due to slow money!

There she sits, awaiting some love in the shed.

NOT a Ducati sproket... Lots of tourque, No speed :(

NOT a Ducati exhaust....

A rectifier from a mixing board (NO Regulator!!!)

A huge capacitor, from the mixing board, to prevent suicide lights.

Homemade rear brake cable, note the return spring under the hub nut.

The front of the rigged cable....


The Aquaponics Project: I hope to produce this as a consumer product so the picture is vague and is missing several vital components (I hope this becomes my bread and butter so don't steal it!!!)

Plants grow from the PVC, fish grow in the blue tub.