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This entire site is copyrighted under the premise that it is an origninal published work. The pictures and artwork are, as far as I am able to tell, public domain. I make no money from the use of the artwork and therefore I feel that I owe no man for my use thereof.

Please feel free to use any and all of my words in your works, including criticisms and reviews, with the following conditions:

1. My name MUST appear under the ORIGINAL title in any  reproduction of my words in their entirety.

2. Any citation of my words, for any reason, must be cited according to academic convention - including but not limited to APA, MLA or Chicago style bibliographies - inclusive in this citation must be my name (Spencer D. Miles) the date of the publication (when available) and my current web address.

3. My words may not be altered in any way. All additions must be conspicuously set apart from the original work - according to academic convention - and any subtractions must be indicated with the proper ellipsis.

4. If anyone uses more than ten percent of any one of my works, and subsequently earns a profit from the sale of that use, a royalty of three percent of the profit from that publication must be set aside for me as payment for the use of my words to generate profit. It is the author's responsibility to contact me and send my cut - this clause applies only if a profit is made from the use of my words. If no profit is generated by a work containing ten percent or more of my origninal works, this clause is irrelevent. Profit is defined herein as ANY monies received for a work.

5. Upon my death, all of my written works are to become Public Domain however, my words may not be altered even then.

6. Use of my words creates a DIRECT AGREEMENT to these terms.

7. Violation of these terms is an ADMISSION OF GUILT for the charge of plagiarism and constitutes an agreement to pay PUNITIVE DAMAGES to me, or my estate, in the amount of sixty percent of the offenders annual income.

8. All rights not specifically granted herein are reserved as the sole property of me, Spencer D. Miles, and you must have WRITTEN authorization from me or my agent to do other with my words.