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I fear those things which shall come to pass if men do not stand to command the masses. The student of history and the truly wise will attest to our repetitious turpitude. Would that we thought with the minds of the great, that we stood upon the shoulders of the giants who've come before.

I have a way. This thing gestates in blastulic form, awaiting the nutrients of time, council and wisdom. I would that men with thought, men with patience, and men with vision contact me. Let us together create that which may be.

Come, let us reason together for I have thoughts of wisdom and knowledge in need of the nourishment of debate and council. That which is greater than I compells me; I cannot with words describe the urgency of this action, this thought. 


If you read The Vision, please return to read it frequently, as I am constantly updating it; also I apologise for grammatical and spelling errors, you must understand this is a work in progress.