Artsonia is our school's online art gallery!

When you first register, please be sure to check your spam folder as some parents have told me this can occur depending on your email settings.

Please visit artsonia to view your child's artwork online a few weeks after the end of each 6 week session.  Below is a schedule of when artwork will be posted:

Spencer Crossing -- October, February & April
Spencer Pointe -- November, March and June

Students who had an Artsonia account last year will have the same user ID and password carry over into each year.

If you need to download an additional registration form, visit the Important Reminders page and click on Artsonia..

Artsonia provides the following:

Customized art keepsakes!  You can purchase items from Artsonia featuring your child's artwork, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, prints and more!  15% of the profits come right back to OUR art department!

Fan Clubs!  Invite family and friends to view and join your child's official Artsonia fan club.  They can leave positive comments about your child's artwork in their guestbook.

How to add more artwork from home

If your child has art that they have brought home, but I did not put it online (they will choose 3 artworks per year for me to post) OR if they have art projects that they made at home you can easily add it to their account.  First, take a digital photo of the artwork.  Digital cameras are very easy to use. There's no need to mess with photo editing software either, artsonia's website can help! Next, start the uploading process!  On the website there is easy to follow instructions for this.  Finally, submit the artwork and enjoy!

Is this safe?

Some people may be concerned with the safety of publishing their child's art on the internet, but I can't assure you enough how safe this is.

The information in the last name field is NEVER posted publicly on Artsonia, and both first and last names will NEVER be divulged to any third party.  Artsonia does not sell or barter any identifying information about students to any third parties.

Artsonia does keep all parent emails completely private (emails are never posted on the website) and does not sell this list to anyone.  Before posting any comment on the website, Artsonia sends an email alert to the parent's email address that includes the comment itself and directions to delete it.  In addition, the comment is not posted until the parent of the artist (who is receiving the comment) officially approves it.

It is Artsonia's policy to protect the identity of the artists showcasing their work on Artsonia.  These artists will be identified only by their screenname (which is the artist's first name and a random numerical suffix).  Artsonia does not post the full name, mailing address or email address of artists on its website.   There is no way for the visitors of the website to directly and privately contact the artists based on a screenname.

I do not post images of students' faces, this website is for artwork only.

For more information about Artsonia's privacy policy or questions and comments, please contact Artsonia directly.

What is Artsonia's contact info?

1350 Tri-State Parkway
Suite 106
Gurnee, IL 60031