About Us

Woburn's Spence Farm is located at 41 Wyman St. in Woburn, Massachusetts, 01801.  It had been a working farm for decades, growing and selling its own produce along with seasonal fare such as pumpkins and Christmas trees.  Not so long ago it ceased retail operations and the land was made available for sale.  The city of Woburn was able to purchase the first parcel of land up for sale, keeping it as a protection against area flooding, as open and farmable space, and as a center for community activities.  This parcel is perhaps the most scenic, with its traditional style farm stand, small pond, and open fields visible from both Wyman and Lowell streets.  The city's DPW and Parks departments have done an outstanding job of refurbishing the building and renovating the exterior landscaping. The intent of this web-site is to let the people of Woburn know what is happening at their farm and to encourage everyone to come on down to the farm - for all of the community events.

The city decided to build a needed elementary school on about four of the seven acres of our farm.  They have left in tact the farm stand, pond, and front lawn.  As part of this project upgrades have been made to the farm stand and surrounding grounds so now we can continue our community activities in better shape than ever!

Vincent Grillo,
Sep 10, 2010, 6:57 AM