RECYCLING EVENT    

Appliance / Freon Bearing / CRT / Electronic Device - Recycling Collection

For the Benefit of the Council of Social Concern
Sat Oct 17 ~~~ 9:00 to 1:00

Wondering what to do with that old television, computer monitor or appliance that is broken, unwanted or unused and just taking up space? This is an excellent opportunity to recycle these items at a minimal cost compared to the high cost associated with curbside appliance recycling programs and will also be a fundraiser for local organizations. Another good thing and possibly the best part of this program is that it is open to residents from any and all communities, not just Woburn, as well as any and all business entities. With your help these collections have raised over $100,000 dollars for local Woburn organizations with a portion going to the Woburn high school scholarship fund as well!

So clean out those basements, attics, garages and warehouses and bring your items down!

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Our farm has been designated as the site for the new Hurld / Wyman School, for more information click here to visit Facebook page or click here for website updates.

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Oct 17 -- Sat - Recycling Event for the benefit of The Council for Social Concern  9:00- 1:00



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