SpellingMagic iPhone App

My daughter gets a list of 10 spelling words each Monday, with a Spelling test the following Friday.  The "SpellingMagic" iPhone app was created by a mom who wanted to make learning the spelling words more enjoyable for her child.  With the App, you can enter your own list of words, and then select whichever words you want to include as part of the Spelling Games.  The games are fun and engaging for kids, and help reinforce how to spell words.  I hope you'll download the game from the Apple iTunes App Store (it's free) and provide your feedback!

Need help? Email spellingmagic@gmail.com

The Spelling Words screen is reached by clicking the i icon from the home screen. The user can select which words to use in the spelling game from a pre-populated list, or they can add their own words to use in the Spelling Game by clicking the + icon.

In the Add Words dialog, the user can select a new word to add to the Spelling Game.

In the Rainbow Spelling game, a word is spoken to the user and user types it into the text field. If the word is spelled correctly, the rainbow gains a color.  If the word is incorrectly spelled, the rainbow loses a color.  Once the whole rainbow is filled, fireworks appear!

In the Spelling Balloon Pop game, a word is spoken, and the user must pop balloons to spell the word.

In the hangman game, a word is initially spoken to the user and they must
guess the letters for how to spell the word.  If they choose an incorrect letter
the butterfly will lose some of its colors.