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picture © 2012 by Nurija

Yoga für jedes Alter

Yoga ist ursprünglich als Vorbereitung auf die Meditation entwickelt worden. Gleichzeitig wirkt es schon an sich beruhigend und entspannt.

Der Körper wird flexibler und verliert oft lang gekannte Schmerzen und Verhärtungen.

Gesundheit ist ein Kontinuum. Das heisst ohne regelmäßiges Training ist  die Nebenwirkung des sich besser Fühlens und des gesünder Werdens nicht gegeben. Kommen Sie zum wöchentlichen Üben.

Am Donnerstag um 19.30 Uhr in der Volkshochschule Saalfeld und am Freitag im Fitness Camp Saalfeld um 9 Uhr.

Bitte je nach Träger, dort direkt für die Kurse anmelden.

Yoga is about fundamentally simple things, such as movement, breathing,
mindfulness, stress and relaxation phase.

The path of practicing yoga requires taking seriously aware about your
own body capabilities and experiences.

In it’s more than 2,000 years of history there has been a system of different
techniques created:

Physical exercises (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama),
concentration exercises and meditation.

This path of practice is integrated into concepts that ask the following:

How is inside tightness, stress, overwork?
What can hinder a proper self-perception?
How can you develop your own potential?
How can I learn to understand myself and others better?
How can you experience the body's own goods?
How can the necessary distance to the demands of everyday life be found?
How can the self-healing powers of the body be strengthened?

Like in our meditation we work again with angel energy (“Angel-Yoga”)
or with the Indian “Mudras” (Yoga in your hands, powerful hand positions).

Both kinds of Yoga are mixed with “Hatha” positions, which everybody can do
in his own individual flexibility. The focus in practicing Yoga is to get your body,
mind and soul into a unique balanced feeling and to become one again in unity.


With love