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The Player of the month !

NOTE :  After April 2008 the Player of the month is  voted  by the member's of the team

AUGUST'S POTM(Player Of The Month) articulator 

captain's comment : well done buddy.

SEPTEMBER'S POTM   articulator  

captain's comment: well done again buddy.


captain's comment: love the way matrick-bc plays so many games.

NOVEMBER'S POTM rjacobs        

captain's comment: impressive form this month mate, well played.

DECEMBER'S POTM karpablanca       

captain's comment: great addittion to the ranks.

JANUARY'S  POTM  barbis   

captain's  omment: well done mate great results still 100%.

FEBRUARY'S  POTM  barbis      

captain's  omment: fantastic playing 8/8 this month and still 100% for the team overall 

MARCH'S  POTM  godsfamous & bad_boy2010 

captains comment: great playing by both guys 10/10 and 7/7 - no way i can split you !!! 

APRIL'S   POTM  oskington

captains comment: well done mate.

MAY'S  POTM  cemtufekci

captain's  comment: 32 straight wins - fantastic effort

JUNE'S  POTM  cemtufekci

captains comment: still racking up impressive wins - good job mate