Speed Table "Options" (Solutions)

Determined via brainstorming at the May 27, 2008 Work Group meeting.

More crosswalks

Lighted crosswalks

Move tables at bottom of hill

Remove all the tables

Tribal police enforcement

Cross connector

Increased enforcement

Narrowing lanes/pinch points

Re-engineer tables

Rumble strips

Lighted caution signs

By-pass roads

Radar signs

Remove tables in selected areas

Unbiased study of speed limits (speeding?)

Objective study of emergency response time


Re-engineering with median planters

Separate trails for pedestrians/bicycles

Review road classifications

Road evaluations (defined uses)

Let objective engineers decide the best solution

Community-wide vote

Street lights at tables and walkways

Cross connector/Bypass as a toll or other

Checking existing statistics as related to table locations

Use a data collection plan

Speed table placement based on /with study

Photo radar

Neighborhood watch

Trim foliage - sight lines

Determine if there is a speeding problem

Define "problem"