Speed B. Leas

Retired Consultant, The Alban Institute


Mailing Address: Box 2250, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Telephone: 831-338-1024

Fax: 831-338-1025

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Speed Leas is a nationally known consultant to religious organizations and an educator of church leaders, including pastors, laity, and church executives. Since 1967 he worked full-time as a teacher and consultant to ecclesiastical groups throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has an extensive background as a management consultant to churches and synagogues and has earned a special reputation as an authority on conflict. His experience with conflicted congregations, judicatories and church agencies places him in a preeminent position in the nation. From this work and his research, he has written eleven books and numerous articles and monographs, and has given hundreds of seminars and lectures. Mr. Leas is now retired from full-time consulting employment.



Areas of Expertise:

            • Conflict Management

            • Long-Range and Short-Range Planning

            • Organizational Analysis

            • Management by Objectives/Time Management

            • Multiple-Staff Ministries

            • Consulting Skill for Church Executives

            • Leadership Development

            • Interpersonal Communications Clergy Assessment

            • Development of Volunteer Programs

            • Assimilating New Members

            • Systems Theory

Consulting and Training Clients Include:

Local congregations, denominational groups and governing bodies, judicatory staffs, seminaries, church agencies, community organizations, study commissions, clergy networks, chaplains, and social and health ministries.

Professional Experience:

1964-67 Senior Minister, Immanuel United Church of Christ, Los Angeles

1967-73 Director, Center of Metropolitan Mission-In-Service Training

1973-77 Director of Training, Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies

1977-92 Director of Consulting Services, the Alban Institute

1992-2004 Senior Consultant, the Alban Institute

1999-2004 Visiting Professor of Congregational Leadership, Pacific School of Religion

2004-2014 Consultant, part-time, the Alban Institute

2014 Retired

Published Books:

Understanding Your Congregation As A System (manual and Congregational Systems Inventory, with George D. Parsons), 1993, the Alban Institute.

The Inviting Church: A Study of New Member Assimilation, (with Roy Oswald) 1987, the Alban Institute

Moving Your Church Through Conflict, 1986, the Alban Institute

A Lay Person's Guide to Conflict Management, 1985, the Alban Institute

Discover Your Conflict Management Style, 1983, The Alban Institute, Revised 1998

Leadership and Conflict, 1982, Abingdon

The Pastoral Counselor in Social Action (with Paul Kittlaus), 1981, Augsburg-Fortress

Should the Pastor Be Fired? 1980, the Alban Institute

Time Management: A Working Guide for Church Leaders, 1978, Abingdon

Church Fights (with Paul Kittlaus), 1973, Westminster/John Knox

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Also included on this web site are two articles about his work: one an interview with him in Leadership Magazine and the other an article that appeared in The Milwaukee Sentinel about his work with a congregation there.

Leas has written about 
"Levels of Conflict"; follow this link to a brief description of that theory.


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