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#4 "956 Engines"

Published 2003 ---- $22.00 U.S.+s&h, 20 Pages (Colour)

"956 Engines" is designed to help the racing car modeler with super detailing. Two configurations are covered, namely the mechanically injected version used in the 1982 factory cars, the 1984 and 1985 Le Mans winners as well as a variety of 1983 customer cars. The other configuration is the electronically injected version used by the factory and a variety of customer cars through the life of the 956 to the end of 1985. System diagrams for cooling, lubrication, fuel system and turbo-charging in addition to throttle linkage setup are provided. Recommendations for line sizes are also included. All this helps to sort out how to connect what you can see in photo references as as well some of the things that are not so obvious. "956 Engines" is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and illustration to produce workable and modelable system diagrams.

Increased number of pages! Sixteen pages, as used in previous profiles just wasn't going to do the 956 justice, so the page count has risen to 20. In addition to diagrams there are also 5 pictures of the engine, and a list of useful references.

Now including colour! System diagrams are presented in colour to better identify components and system layouts.
If you are interested in improving the fidelity and accuracy of your Porsche 956 models, then this is a reference to have!

Speed Details recommends the CLAY Models 1/24 scale 956 Engine trans-kit which can be built as either the mechanical or electronic fuel injection version:

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